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Darren K Akana - Founder

Darren K Akana - Founder

For nearly one thousand year's Hawaii has held one of the world's best kept secret's "HE' E NALU " what Hawaiian's call Surfing.  Once a form of Recreation reserved for the high born. Today,it has become one of Hawaii's biggest export's,sparkling renewed world interest in Ocean recreatoin and inspiring a new generation of water sports.

Despite the face that surfing belongs to the world,Hawaii is still looked upon as the source, even the pulse of Surfing. It's locatoin has media it the west coast, since Hawaii sits at the crossroads,  lying in the middle of the biggest ocean on earth the Pacific.

Hawaiianline International was brought to life by tapping into that source the power of Hawaii's peaks and its location it's renaissance . And for those surfer's who still make the pilgramage to the Mecca of the surfing world,we bring the source of surfing to tho   who still dream of "Making It" over to Hawaii............and what about other water sports? of course,

Bodysurging, Bodyboarding, Kneeboarding, Surfing, Longboarding ,SUP,Paddle Boarding,Kayaking  , one man Canoe, Two man Canoe, six man Kit Surfing , Sailboarding , fishing, Diving, Skateboarding , Mountain Biking, Hiking,Hang Gliding,right here in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Hawaiianline International is the last underground Clothing Company since 1987.

We take pictures of underground Surfers that ride waves for Love not for money.  Live the life style Travel all over world our Blue Planet.  With just enough money to make it to the next country.  Experence all types of Cultures and meet all kind of wonderful people... much aloha